Nukleare Astrophysik: Literatur

WS 2003/04 HD G. Wolschin

W.C.Haxton: Nukleare Probleme in der Astrophysik, Enrico-Fermi-Lectures (2003)

C.E.Rolfs, W.S.Rodney: Cauldrons in the Cosmos (UCP, 1988)

R.Kippenhahn, A.Weigert: Stellare Struktur und Entwicklung (Springer, 1990)

G.Wolschin: Fusionszyklen in Sternen und stellare Neutrinos

(in: "Time, Quantum and Information", Springer, 2003:

Thermonuclear processes in stars and stellar neutrinos)

S.N.Shore: An introduction to astrophysical Hydrodynamics (1992)

F.H.Shu: The physics of astrophysics, Vol.II, Univ. Science books

S. Chandrasekhar: An introduction to the Study of Stellar Structure (Univ. Chicago Press, 1939)

A.S. Eddington: The internal constitution of the Stars (CUP, 1926)

J.N. Bahcall et al., Astrophys. J. 555, 990 (2001)

Zeldovich and Novikov: Relativistic Astrophysics. Vol I:

Stars and Relativity (Univ. Chicago Press, 1971)

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