My main research focus is on the fundamental quantum nature of matter and spacetime.

My research interests include

  • Asymptotically safe quantum gravity and matter
  • UV completion of the Standard Model
  • Higgs sector in (Beyond) SM settings
  • Renormalization Group flows in discrete models of quantum spacetime
  • tensor models for quantum gravity
  • Causal Set Quantum Gravity
  • News:
  • April 2018: teaching prize of the faculty for physics and astronomy for the lecture on black holes in the winter term 2017/18
  • April 2018: Appointed as a new member of the Junge Akademie
  • Work on asymptotic silence in causal sets with S. Surya and S. Mizera highlighted by CQG+:
    The silence deep within the universe
  • Status of the asymptotic safety paradigm for gravity and matter now available on arxiv

    My publications can be found on
  • google scholar and on inspire. You can also find me on acadamia-net.

    Group members:
  • Antonio Pereira (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Alessia Platania (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Aaron Held (PhD student)
  • Johannes Lumma (PhD student)
  • Marc Schiffer (PhD student)
  • Fleur Versteegen (PhD student)
  • Ademola Adeifeoba (Master student)
  • Giovanni Biondo (Master student)
    former members: Nicolai Christiansen (postdoctoral researcher), Peter Vander Griend (master student), Artiom Zaitev (master student)

    The group's quantum gravity seminar takes place on Wednesday at 3.45 pm. A list of topics and speakers can be found here.

    If you'd like to take part in the International Seminar on Asymptotic Safety, please send me an email.

    My most recent work:
    Conference and workshop organization for 2018:
  • FRGE for tensor models, ITP Heidelberg, March 19-23, 2018
  • Asymptotic safety in a dark universe, Perimeter Institute, Canada, June 5-7, 2018
  • Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group, Bad Honnef, June 18-22, 2018
    Application for participation is now open until March 15, 2018
  • Quantum Fields – from Fundamental Concepts to Phenomenological Questions, MITP, Mainz, September 26 - 28, 2018
  • Past conference and workshop organization:
  • Higgs cosmology meeting at Chicheley Hall, UK, March 2017
  • Functional Renormalization - from quantum gravity and dark energy to ultracold atoms and condensed matter, March 2017
  • Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group at the Lorentz Center, Netherlands, February 2017
  • Probing the fundamental nature of spacetime with the Renormalization Group 2015
  • Renormalization Group approaches to quantum gravity 2014
  • Experimental search for quantum gravity - the hard facts 2012
  • Lectures and teaching:
  • summer term 18: Quantum field theory on curved backgrounds
  • literature and assignments can be found here
  • winter term 2017/18: Black holes (for students with knowledge on General Relativity)
  • literature and assignments can be found here
  • summer term 2017: bachelor seminar on Quantum Mechanics (a list of topics is available here)
  • winter term 2016/17: Quantum Gravity and the Renormalization Group (for master students with knowledge on QFT and General Relativity)
  • literature and assignments can be found here

    My spacetime coordinates when not in Heidelberg in 2018

    January 11: TU Darmstadt
    January 15-17: Univ. Vienna
    January 30: Univ. Freiburg
    February 25 - March 10: Universidad Catolica, Santiago de Chile
    March 12-13: TPI, Univ. Jena
    April 19-22: 11. Sino-German Frontiers of Science Symposium, Shanghai, China
    May 22-23: Conference on observers in the cosmos, University of Bristol, UK
    May 24-25: Planck 2018, Bonn
    June 2-12, Perimeter Institute; June 5-7: Conference on asymptotic safety in a dark universe
    June 17-22, Bad Honnef: workshop on Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group
    June 28, Odense: University of Southern Denmark/CP3
    June 29-30, Berlin: Summer conference of the ``Junge Akademie"
    July 9-12, Paris: ERG conference
    July 13-14, Potsdam: Emmy-Noether meeting of the DFG
    Sept. 11-14: Workshop on asymptotic safety, Hvar
    Sept. 17-19: DICE workshop, Castiglioncello
    Sept. 20-23: NEB 18, Rhodos
    Sept. 24: Relativistic Quantum Information North, Vienna
    Sept. 25: DESY Theory Workshop
    Sept. 26-28: MITP, Conference "Quantum Fields – from Fundamental Concepts to Phenomenological Questions"

    Philosophenweg 16
    69120 Heidelberg

    phone: +49 6221 54 9420

    email: eichhorn AT