Fundamental quantum phenomena appear on all scales, from microscopic to macroscopic. Some of the pertinent questions are about the onset of decoherence, the dynamics of collective modes, the influence of external randomness and the emergence of dissipative behaviour. Our understanding of such phenomena has been advanced by the study of model systems and by the derivation and analysis of effective dynamics for large systems and long times.

In this field, research in mathematical physics has regularly contributed results that were recognized as essential in the physics community. During the last few years, the key questions have been sharpened and progress on answering them has been particularly strong. The Les Houches school is to bring together the leading experts with young scientists who will carry the research to the next level in the future.

Quantum Theory from Small To Large Scales
Summer School at Les Houches
August 2—27, 2010

Scientific Direction

Jürg Fröhlich
Manfred Salmhofer
Vieri Mastropietro
Wojciech de Roeck

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