ITP Local Interactions 2015:

Gravity Beyond Einstein

ITP local interactions is a gravitation and cosmology meeting that will take place on May 12-13, 2015. The main topic of the meeting this time will be modified theories of gravity, theoretical aspects and observational challenges. The meeting will be located at the seminar room of the picturesque villa, Philosophenweg 19.

In addition to regular talks, there will be two discussion/brainstorming sessions at the end of each day one on theory and one on observations. We expect an active participation during those sessions, where new directions of research and collaboration will be discussed. The discussion session on May 12 will continue over a BBQ dinner in the garden of Philosophenweg 19.

The meeting is an internal one, mostly with contributors from the cosmology group of ITP; however, there will be several external speakers and participants. We would be happy to have more participants from other groups and institutes, and if you would like to contribute with a talk please let us know and we will try to accommodate it in our program.

Institut fr Theoretische Physik