Quantum fields, fluids and information (Floerchinger group)

Research group in theoretical physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at Heidelberg University. We are part of the SFB 1225 ISOQUANT collaborative research center, the STRUCTURES cluster of excellence and the French-German (ANR/DFG) research project Non-equilibrium classical, quantum and active fluids (NEQFluids).

Research interests


You can find publications on Inspire HEP or on arXiv or also on Google Scholars.

Getting involved

There are very interesting physics questions to be investigated concerning the dynamics of quantum fields and emerging fluid dynamic descriptions. Research touches here upon the most fundamental concepts of nature but also helps to answer many concrete practical questions. If you are a highly motivated student with a very good knowldege and strong passion for theoretical physics there are possibilites to get involved in the context of a Bachelor-, Master- or Doctoral thesis. Please contact the group members for more information.

Group members

  • Stefan Floerchinger (Group leader)
  • Giuliano Giacalone (Postdoc)
  • Alaric Erschfeld (PhD student)
  • Tobias Haas (PhD student)
  • Lars Heyen (PhD student)
  • Natalia Sanchez-Kuntz (PhD student)
  • Markus Schröfl (PhD student)
  • Adrian Aasen (Master student)
  • Moaathe Belhaj Ahmed (Master student)
  • Daniel Boness (Master student)
  • Alena Brändle (Master student)
  • Charlotte Gebhardt (Master student)
  • Patrick Jentsch (Master student)
  • Andreas Kirchner (Master student)
  • Álvaro Parra (Master student)
  • Mireia Tolosa (Master student)
  • Nils Becker (Bachelor student)
  • Lars Kühmichel (Project student)

Previous group members

  • Eduardo Grossi (Postdoc, now at Stony Brook University, New York)
  • Aleksas Mazeliauskas (Postdoc, now at CERN, Geneva)
  • Cristian Alexa (Master student)
  • Neil Dowling (Master student)
  • Deniz Gündüz (Master student)
  • Lara Kuhn (Master student)
  • Jorrit Lion (Master student)
  • Janosh Riebesell (Master student)
  • Philipp Frey (Bachelor student)
  • Gregor Bals (Bachelor student)
  • Ben Höber (Bachelor student)
  • Hannes Köper (Bachelor student)
  • Henrik Müller-Groeling (Bachelor student)
  • Maximilian Rupprecht (Bachelor student)
  • Natalie Soybelmann (Bachelor student)
  • Martin Stein (Bachelor student)
  • Gloria Triguero (Bachelor student)
  • Kianusch Vahid Yousefnia (Bachelor student)