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Internal information

Access to our computer cluster

In order to register for an account at our cluster hosted at the RZ you need to follow a three step plan.

Step 1

go to the site: Here you select Universität Heidelberg

The Acronym and Password can be obtained from Maurits Haverkort. The institute is ITP

Step 2

Register for access to the HPC cluster at the university of Heidelberg:

use as a project description and title: Calculations in collaboration with Haverkort

Step 3

Add the service BWFor cluster MSL/WISO Production to your available services

Some useful scripts to access the cluster

access the cluster with ssh

ssh -Y hd_*****

(replace * with your uni id)

mount the cluster such that you can access the drive locally

sshfs hd_********** /Users/*****/bwfor -o volname=BWFOR

(replace * with your uni id and local path where you want to mount the external folder)

submit jobs to the cluster

Save the following code in a text file and make it executable (chmod +x filename). You submit the script with the command msub filename

#MSUB -l nodes=1:best:ppn=32
#MOAB -A bw17e011
#MSUB -l walltime=5:00:00:00
#MSUB -N myjobname

export KMP_AFFINITY=compact,1,0

cat $0


echo "-----------------"
echo "-----------------"

echo "-----------------"
echo "lscpu"
echo "-----------------"

Quanty G00_1hole.Quanty

echo "finished"

echo "-----------------"
echo "-----------------"

create new workspaces

Your main directory is not that large. In order to run calculations one should create a workspace. See:

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