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Spring Term, 2016


Fall Term, 2015


Theoretische Physik 3

Spring Term, 2015


Constructive Fermionic Field Theory

Fall Term, 2014

Methoden der mathematischen Physik 2

Spring Term, 2014

Theoretische Physik 4 (Quantentheorie)

Methoden der mathematischen Physik 1

Fall Term, 2013

Mehr Mathematik für Physiker

Statistical Mechanics, Analysis, and Probability

In the academic year 2012/13, I was on sabbatical.

Fall Term, 2011

Was ist Zeit: die physikalische Sicht

Spring Term, 2011

Advanced Quantum Theory

Fall Term, 2010

Fermionic Field Theory

Spring Term, 2010

Statistical Mechanics of Lattice Systems

Fall Term, 2009

Classical and Quantum Computing

Spring Term, 2009

Theorie 2

Fall Term, 2008

Theorie 1

Courses 2001-2008 at University of Leipzig

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