Simulational Methods in Physics

Research Training Group: Quantum Many-body Dynamics and Nonequilibrium Physics

Welcome to the Research Training Group in Quantum Many-body Dynamics and Nonequilibrium Physics of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Physikalische Institut. The institutes are part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy (Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie) of the University of Heidelberg.

The Research Training Group is funded by the State of Baden Württemberg in the framework of the Landesgraduiertenförderung programme. This includes doctoral fellowships as well as structural support of the teaching programme.

The group is closely linked with the Heidelberg Graduate School for Fundamental Physics within the Department, and with the Graduate Academy of the University.

The study programme will embrace a structured scheme for the completion of the individual doctoral theses as well as a general framework including a teaching programme and schemes for the promotion of interdisciplinary exchange, of international contacts, exchange, and dissemination, and of the promotion of young female researchers.

The scientific focus of the Research Training Group is set on topics which include ultracold atomic and molecular quantum gases, strongly correlated nuclear matter, and cosmology is the dynamical evolution of strongly correlated systems, in particular over long time scales and in cases where quantum effects play an important role. Accross the boundaries between experiment and theory, the Kolleg gives doctoral students with superficially and phenomenologically very different research topics a structural frame and the motivation for mutual exchange.

Our research focuses on:

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