Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Seminars of this week

May 20
14:00 , Mathematikon; SR3Francesca Ferrari (Trieste)
False Theta Functions, Log VOA's and 3-Manifold Invariants
Physikalische Mathematik
14:00 , Phil19Pablo Soler (ITP Heidelberg)
KKLT Update (journal club)
Beyond the Standard Model and String Theory
May 21
11:00 , Phil16;SRArianna Renzini (Imperial College London)
Sky Maps of the Gravitational Wave Background
Kosmologie und Elementarteilchenphysik
14:00 , Mathematikon;R00.200Du Pei (Aarhus/Caltech)
Taming the Non-Unitary Zoo with Wild Higgs Bundles
Physikalische Mathematik
14:15 , Phil16;SRRiccardo Porotti (MPI f√ľr die Physik des Lichts, Erlangen)
Reinforcement learning-based control of spin-qubit coherent transport
Particle Phenomenology
16:00 , BIOQUANTAdrian E. Granada (Humboldt University Berlin )
Proliferation and cell fate under chemotherapy
BioQuant Seminars
16:15 , Phil16Torsten Zache (ITP Heidelberg)
Dynamical topological transitions in the massive Schwinger model
Cold Quantum Coffee
May 22
May 23
09:00 , Phil16Giacomo Bighin (Vienna)
Far-from-equilibrium dynamics of molecules in 4He nanodroplets: a quasiparticle perspective (NOTE UNUSUAL DAY AND TIME!)
Many-Body Theory
14:15 , Phil19Thomas Barthel (Duke University, USA)
Fundamental limitations for measurements in quantum many-body systems
Theorie komplexer Systeme
16:15 , Phil12;SR106Bjoern Garbrecht (Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen)
Systematic expansion of tunneling rates (PRETALK for students at 15:30 h)
May 24

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