Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Seminar on current topics in cellular biophysics

Together with Francois Nedelec and Matthias Weiss, a seminar on current topics in cellular biophysics is offered in the summer term 2007 (Wednesday 4.15-5.45 pm, BIOQUANT, INF 267, lecture room on ground floor). Here is a list of the suggested topics. In the first meeting on April 19, we agreed on the following list of presentations:
  • 9.5., Sebastian and Jakob, Ratchet model for single molecular motor
  • 16.5., Achim, Cooperative transport by several molecular motors
  • 23.5., Nina, Experiments on vesicle transport in the cell
  • 30.5., Ulrich, Model for vescile transport in the cell
  • 6.6., Fabian and Raja, Active gels
  • 11.7., Ioannis and Manuel, Positioning by microtubules
  • 18.7., Benedikt, Robustness of bacterial chemotaxis
  • 25.7., Christian, Robustness of networks

Additional material (access restricted)

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