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Artur Ruppel, Dennis Wörthmüller, Vladimir Misiak, Manasi Kelkar, Irène Wang, Philippe Moreau, Adrien Méry, Jean Révilloud, Guillaume Charras, Giovanni Cappello, Thomas Boudou, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Martial Balland.
Force propagation between epithelial cells depends on active coupling and mechano-structural polarization.
Elife, 12:e83588, 2023.
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Anna Zelená, Johannes Blumberg, Dimitri Probst, Rūta Gerasimaitė, Gražvydas Lukinavičius, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Sarah Köster.
Force generation in human blood platelets by filamentous actomyosin structures.
Biophysical Journal, 122(16):3340–3353, August 2023.
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Oliver M Drozdowski, Falko Ziebert, and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Optogenetic control of migration of contractile cells predicted by an active gel model.
Communications Physics, 6(1):158, 2023.
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Rabea Link, Kai Weißenbruch, Motomu Tanaka, Martin Bastmeyer, and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Cell shape and forces in elastic and structured environments: From single cells to organoids.
Advanced Functional Materials, page 2302145, 2023.
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Gonen Golani and Ulrich S Schwarz.
High curvature promotes fusion of lipid membranes: Predictions from continuum elastic theory.
Biophysical Journal, 122(10):1868–1882, 2023.
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Sophie L Winter, Gonen Golani, Fabio Lolicato, Melina Vallbracht, Keerthihan Thiyagarajah, Samy Sid Ahmed, Christian Lüchtenborg, Oliver T Fackler, Britta Brügger, Thomas Hoenen, Walter Nickel, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Petr Chlanda.
The ebola virus vp40 matrix layer undergoes endosomal disassembly essential for membrane fusion.
The EMBO Journal, page e113578, 2023.
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Steffen Klein, Gonen Golani, Fabio Lolicato, Carmen Lahr, Daniel Beyer, Alexia Herrmann, Moritz Wachsmuth-Melm, Nina Reddmann, Romy Brecht, Mehdi Hosseinzadeh, Androniki Kolovou, Jana Makroczyova, Sarah Peterl, Martin Schorb, Yannick Schwab, Britta Brügger, Walter Nickel, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Petr Chlanda.
Ifitm3 blocks influenza virus entry by sorting lipids and stabilizing hemifusion.
Cell Host & Microbe, 31(4):616–633, 2023.
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Santiago Gomez Melo, Dennis Wörthmüller, Pierre Gönczy, Niccolo Banterle, and Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz.
Grand canonical brownian dynamics simulations of adsorption and self-assembly of SAS-6 rings on a surface.
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 158(8), 2023.
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Markus Mund, Aline Tschanz, Yu-Le Wu, Felix Frey, Johanna L Mehl, Marko Kaksonen, Ori Avinoam, Ulrich S Schwarz, and Jonas Ries.
Clathrin coats partially preassemble and subsequently bend during endocytosis.
Journal of Cell Biology, 222(3):e202206038, 2023.
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T. Andersen, D. Wörthmüller, D. Probst, I. Wang, P. Moreau, V. Fitzpatrick, T. Boudou, U.S. Schwarz, and M. Balland.
Cell size and actin architecture determine force generation in optogenetically activated cells.
Biophysical Journal, 122(4):684–696, 2023.
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Rabea Link and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Simulating 3d cell shape with the Cellular Potts Model.
In Mechanobiology: Methods and Protocols, pages 323–339. Springer, 2023.
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Rick Bebon and Ulrich S Schwarz.
First-passage times in complex energy landscapes: a case study with nonmuscle myosin ii assembly.
New Journal of Physics, 24(6):063034, jun 2022.
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Marek Cyrklaff, Cecilia Palmira Sanchez, Lukas Hanebutte, Julia Jäger, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Michael Lanzer.
An Improved Method for Assessing Antigen Presentation on the Surface of Plasmodium falciparum-Infected Erythrocytes by Immuno-Electron Microscopy, pages 445–455.
Springer US, New York, NY, 2022.
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Pintu Patra, Konrad Beyer, Astha Jaiswal, Anna Battista, Karl Rohr, Friedrich Frischknecht, and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Collective migration reveals mechanical flexibility of malaria parasites.
Nature Physics, 18(5):586-594, 2022.
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Julia Jaeger, Pintu Patra, Cecilia P. Sanchez, Michael Lanzer, and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
A particle-based computational model to analyse remodelling of the red blood cell cytoskeleton during malaria infections.
PLoS Computational Biology, 18(4):e1009509, 2022.
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Severina Klaus, Patrick Binder, Juyeop Kim, Marta Machado, Charlotta Funaya, Violetta Schaaf, Darius Klaschka, Aiste Kudulyte, Marek Cyrklaff, Vibor Laketa, Thomas Hoefer, Julien Guizetti, Nils B. Becker, Friedrich Frischknecht, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Markus Ganter.
Asynchronous nuclear cycles in multinucleated plasmodium falciparum enable rapid proliferation.
Science advances, 8(13):eabj5362, 2022.
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Joel Christian, Johannes W. Blumberg, Dimitri Probst, Cristina Lo Giudice, Sandra Sindt, Christine Selhuber-Unkel, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Elisabetta Ada Cavalcanti-Adam.
Control of Cell Adhesion using Hydrogel Patterning Techniques for Applications in Traction Force Microscopy.
JoVE, 179:e63121, January 2022.
Publisher: MyJoVE Corp.
journal website, PDF
Kai Weißenbruch, Magdalena Fladung, Justin Grewe, Laurent Baulesch, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Martin Bastmeyer.
Nonmuscle myosin IIA dynamically guides regulatory light chain phosphorylation and assembly of nonmuscle myosin IIB.
European Journal of Cell Biology, 101:151213, 2022.
journal website, PDF
Johannes W. Blumberg and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
Comparison of direct and inverse methods for 2.5d traction force microscopy.
PLOS ONE, 17(1):1–25, 01 2022.
journal website, PDF, PDF SI, PDF Erratum
Steven Huth, Johannes W. Blumberg, Dimitri Probst, Jan Lammerding, Ulrich S. Schwarz, and Christine Selhuber-Unkel.
Quantifying force transmission through fibroblasts: changes of traction forces under external shearing.
European Biophysics Journal, 2021
journal website, PDF, PDF SI
Niccolo Banterle, Adrian P Nievergelt, Svenja de Buhr, Georgios N Hatzopoulos, Charlene Brillard, Santiago Andany, Tania Huebscher, Frieda A Sorgenfrei, Ulrich S Schwarz, Frauke Graeter, Georg E Fantner, and Pierre Goenczy.
Kinetic and structural roles for the surface in guiding sas-6 self-assembly to direct centriole architecture.
Nature Communications, 12(1):1–14, 2021.
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Cecilia P Sanchez, Pintu Patra, Shih-Ying Scott Chang, Christos Karathanasis, Lukas Hanebutte, Nicole Kilian, Marek Cyrklaff, Mike Heilemann, Ulrich S Schwarz, Mikhail Kudryashev, and Michael Lanzer.
Kahrp dynamically relocalizes to remodeled actin junctions and associates with knob spirals in plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes.
Molecular microbiology, 117:274–292, 2021.
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Patrick Binder, Nikolas D Schnellbaecher, Thomas Hoefer, Nils B Becker, and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Optimal ligand discrimination by asymmetric dimerization and turnover of interferon receptors.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(37), 2021.
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Benjamin Froehlich, Anil K Dasanna, Christine Lansche, Julian Czajor, Cecilia P Sanchez, Marek Cyrklaff, Akihisa Yamamoto, Alister Craig, Ulrich S Schwarz, Michael Lanzer, and Motomu Tanaka.
Functionalized supported membranes for quantifying adhesion of p. falciparum-infected erythrocytes.
Biophysical Journal, 120(16):3315–3328, 2021.
journal website, PDF
Kai Weissenbruch, Justin Grewe, Marc Hippler, Magdalena Fladung, Moritz Tremmel, Kathrin Stricker, Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz, and Martin Bastmeyer.
Distinct roles of nonmuscle myosin ii isoforms for establishing tension and elasticity during cell morphodynamics.
Elife, 10:e71888, 2021.
journal website, PDF (SI included in file)
Oliver M. Drozdowski, Falko Ziebert, and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
Optogenetic control of intracellular flows and cell migration: A comprehensive mathematical analysis with a minimal active gel model.
Physical Review E, 104(2):024406, August 2021.
Publisher: American Physical Society.
journal website, PDF
Ulrich S Schwarz.
Cell biology: Centrosomes in inner space.
Current Biology, 31(6):R301–R303, 2021.
journal website, PDF
Robert Chojowski, Ulrich S Schwarz, and Falko Ziebert.
Reversible elastic phase field approach and application to cell monolayers.
The European Physical Journal E, 43(10):1–12, 2020.
journal website, PDF
Felix Frey and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Competing pathways for the invagination of clathrin-coated membranes.
Soft Matter, 16(47):10723–10733, 2020.
journal website, PDF
Tom L. Kaufmann and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
Electrostatic and bending energies predict staggering and splaying in nonmuscle myosin ii minifilaments.
PLOS Computational Biology, 16(7):1–18, 07 2020.
journal website, PDF
Felix Frey, Delia Bucher, Kem A Sochacki, Justin Taraska, Steeve Boulant, and Ulrich S Schwarz.
Eden growth models for flat clathrin lattices with vacancies.
New Journal of Physics, published online 5 June 2020.
journal website, PDF
Shiladitya Banerjee, Margaret L. Gardel, and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
The Actin Cytoskeleton as an Active Adaptive Material.
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics, 11(1):421–439, 2020.
journal website, e-print URL
Justin Grewe and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
Mechanosensitive self-assembly of myosin ii minifilaments.
Phys. Rev. E, 101:022402, Feb 2020.
journal website, arXiv
Tina Wiegand, Marta Fratini, Felix Frey, Klaus Yserentant, Yang Liu, Eva Weber, Kornelia Galior, Julia Ohmes, Felix Braun, Dirk-Peter Herten, Steeve Boulant, Ulrich S. Schwarz, Khalid Salaita, E. Ada Cavalcanti-Adam and Joachim P. Spatz.
Forces during cellular uptake of viruses and nanoparticles at the ventral side.
Nature Communications, 11(1):1-13, 2020.
journal website, PDF

Ulrich S Schwarz.
To buckle or not to buckle.
Nature Materials, 19(1):8-9, 2020.
journal website, PDF
Felix Frey, Falko Ziebert, and Ulrich S. Schwarz.
Dynamics of particle uptake at cell membranes.
Phys. Rev. E, 100:052403, Nov 2019.
journal website, arXiv
Benjamin Fröhlich, Julia Jäger, Christine Lansche, Cecilia P Sanchez, Marek Cyrklaff, Bernd Buchholz, Serge Theophile Soubeiga, Jacque Simpore, Hiroaki Ito, Ulrich S Schwarz, Michael Lanzer, and Motomu Tanaka.
Hemoglobin S and C affect biomechanical membrane properties of P. falciparum-infected erythrocytes.
Communications biology, 2(1):1-11, 2019.
journal website, PDF
Anil Kumar Dasanna, Dmitry A Fedosov, Gerhard Gompper, and Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz.
State diagram for wall adhesion of red blood cells in shear flow: from crawling to flipping.
Soft Matter, 15:5511–5520, 2019.
journal website, PDF
Andrea Imle, Peter Kumberger, Nikolas D Schnellbächer, Jana Fehr, Paola Carrillo-Bustamante, Janez Ales, Philip Schmidt, Christian Ritter, William J Godinez, Barbara Müller, Karl Rohr, Fred A. Hamprecht, Ulrich S. Schwarz, Frederik Graw, and Oliver T. Fackler.
Experimental and computational analyses reveal that environmental restrictions shape HIV-1 spread in 3d cultures.
Nature communications, 10(1):2144, 2019.
journal website, PDF
Cecilia P Sanchez, Christos Karathanasis, Rodrigo Sanchez, Marek Cyrklaff, Julia Jäger, Bernd Buchholz, Ulrich S Schwarz, Mike Heilemann, and Michael Lanzer.
Single-molecule imaging and quantification of the immune-variant adhesin var2csa on knobs of plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes.
Communications Biology, 2(1):1–9, May 2019.
journal website, PDF
Benjamin Spreng, Hannah Fleckenstein, Patrick Kübler, Claudia Di Biagio, Madlen Benz, Pintu Patra, Ulrich S Schwarz, Marek Cyrklaff, and Friedrich Frischknecht.
Microtubule number and length determine cellular shape and function in plasmodium.
The EMBO Journal, 38(15):e100984, August 2019.
journal website, PDF

Elena Kassianidou, Dimitri Probst, Julia Jäger, Stacey Lee, Anne-Lou Roguet, Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz, and Sanjay Kumar.
Extracellular matrix geometry and initial adhesive position determine stress fiber network organization during cell spreading.
Cell Reports, 27(6):1897-1909.e4, 2019/05/08 2019.
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Stochastic dynamics of nanoparticle and virus uptake.
Physical Review Letters, 122(8):088102, 2019.
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Island hopping for cells.
Nature Physics 2019.
journal website, PDF

Christine Lansche, Anil K Dasanna, Katharina Quadt, Benjamin Fröhlich, Dimitris Missirlis, Marilou Tétard, Benoit Gamain, Bernd Buchholz, Cecilia P Sanchez, Motomu Tanaka, Ulrich S. Schwarz and Michael Lanzer.
The sickle cell trait affects contact dynamics and endothelial cell activation in plasmodium falciparum-infected erythrocytes.
Communications Biology, 1(1):211, 2018.
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Cytoplasmic flows in starfish oocytes are fully determined by cortical contractions.
PLoS Computational Biology, 14(11):e1006588, 2018.
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Adhesion-based sorting of blood cells: an adhesive dynamics simulation study.
Soft matter, 14:9061-9070, 2018.
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The 2018 correlative microscopy techniques roadmap.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 51(44):443001, 2018.
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Mechanical interactions among followers determine the emergence of leaders in migrating epithelial cell collectives.
Nature Communications, 9(1):3469, 2018.
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The power of a single trajectory.
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Clathrin-adaptor ratio and membrane tension regulate the flat-to-curved transition of the clathrin coat during endocytosis.
Nature Communications, 9(1):1109, 2018.
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Physics of the malaria parasite.
Contribution to Lecture Notes of the 49th IFF Spring School Juelich on Physics of Life, 2018.
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Mechanobiology by the numbers: a close relationship between biology and physics.
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Differential time-dependent volumetric and surface area changes and delayed induction of new permeation pathways in p. falciparum-infected hemoglobinopathic erythrocytes.
Cellular Microbiology, published online Aug 25 2016.
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Physical constraints for pathogen movement.
Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology, 46:82-90, 2015.
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Physik der Zelladhäsion.
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