Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg


At Heidelberg, our group is distributed over two locations of the university, namely the Institute for Theoretical Physics (Philosophenweg 19) and the BioQuant-Center (Im Neuenheimer Feld 267). In any case, the phone numbers are +49 - (0)6221 - 54 - X. Email addresses are and, respectively.

Group leader

Ulrich Schwarz, Phil 19, phone 9399

Administrative office

Phil 19, phone 9431, fax 9331

Academic staff

Falko Ziebert, Phil 19, phone 9443


Currently none

PhD students

Oliver Drozdowski, BioQuant room 163, phone 51253
Leon Lettermann, BioQuant room 163, phone 51253
Valentin Wössner, BioQuant room 162, phone 51252
Cornelis Mense, BioQuant room 162, phone 51252
Santiago Gomez Melo, Phil 19, phone 9442
Julian Voits, Phil 19, phone 9442
Niels Gieseler, Phil 19, phone 9442

Master students

Nils Winkler, BioQuant room 163, phone 51253
Johannes Lamers, BioQuant room 162, phone 51252

Bachelor students

Frederik Kolb, Phil 19, terminal room


Sven Leisen, BioQuant room 163, phone 51253


Sarah Seibert


Ilka Bischofs-Pfeifer, PhD and Postdoc 2001 - 2005, then Adam Arkin group at Berkeley, then own research group at Bioquant Heidelberg and MPI Marburg
Thorsten Erdmann, PhD and Postdoc 2002-2006, then Pieter Rein ten Wolde group at AMOLF, then research associate at Heidelberg 2009-2016
Johannes Stiegler, intern spring 2005
Lorenz Steinbock, intern fall 2005
Andrea Marschall, intern spring 2005
Christian Gojak, intern fall 2006
Raja Paul, Postdoc 2005-2007, then Mogilner group at UC Davis, then assistent professor at IACS Kolkata, India
Satarupa Dey, guest 2005-2007
Sebastian Schmidt, diploma student, graduated 2007, then PhD at Helmholtz Center Berlin
Fabian Czerwinski, diploma student, graduated 2007, then PhD at Niels Bohr Institute Kopenhagen, now at U Greifswald (Oliver Otto group)
Christian Korn, PhD and Postdoc 2004-2008
Johanna von Treuenfels, diploma student, graduated 2008
Qiang Chang, Postdoc 2008-09, then PICB Shanghai
Benedikt Sabass, intern and diploma student until 2009, then PhD with Udo Seifert at Stuttgart, then Postdoc at ITP Heidelberg, 07-12/2013, then Postdoc with Howard Stone at Princeton, then own research group on micromechanics of life at FZ Juelich
Achim Besser, PhD and Postdoc 2005-2009, then Gaudenz Danuser group at Harvard
Yin Cai, bachelor student, graduated 2009, then master project with Thomas Hoefer at Bioquant, then PhD with Jan Ellenberg at EMBL
Andreas Kühne, intern spring 2010
Fridtjof Kowald, diploma student, graduated 2010
Jakob Schluttig, PhD and Postdoc 2006-2010
Linus Schumacher, intern July and August 2010
Denis Danilov, Postdoc Karlsruhe 2008-2010, then Wenzel group at Karlsruhe
Jörg Eisele, Bachelor student summer 2010, later PhD with Rasmus Schroeder and Andreas Dreuw
Thomas Striebel, PhD student Karlsruhe 2007 - 2011, with Martin Bastmeyer and Martin Wegener
Christoph Koke, diploma student 2010/11, then PhD with Karl-Heinz Meier, KIP
Johanna Baschek, diploma student 2010/11
Olivia Viessmann, bachelor student 2011
Patrick Schulz, intern spring 2011
Susanne Gröbner, intern spring 2011
Eva Möller, intern summer 2011
Sabine Bender, intern summer 2011
Julian Weichsel, PhD and Postdoc 2007-2011, then Geissler group at Berkeley, then back to our group as a Postdoc Jan - July 2014
Carina Edwards-Dunlop, Postdoc 2007-2011, then lecturer at University of Surrey
Krzysztof K. Baczynski, Postdoc 2010-2012
Daniel Ockenfeld, diploma student 2011-2012
Anna Reustle, intern 2012
Diana Khoromskaia, master student 2011-12, then PhD at Warwick, then Postdoc with Guillaume Salbreux at Francis Crick Institute London
Philip Guthardt Torres, PhD and Postdoc 2009-2012
Guiping Wang, bachelor student from University of Science and Technology of China, March 6 - May 17 2013, then Xiaowei Zhuang group at Harvard
Martin Schlegel, bachelor student summer term 2013, then Cambridge
Akos Kungl, bachelor student summer term 2013, later PhD with Karl-Heinz Meier, KIP
Tina Wiegand, joint master student with Spatz group summer 2013, later PhD with Joachim Spatz and Ada Cavalcanti-Adam, then Postdoc with Tony Hyman at Dresden
Celine Labouesse, guest from EPFL Lausanne, summer 2013, PhD with Jean-Jacques Meister, Postdoc with Kevin Chalut at Cambridge
Marvin Böttcher, Master student 11/2012-10/2013, then PhD with Arne Traulsen group at MPI Ploen
Anna Kutschireiter, Master student 11/2012-10/2013, then PhD at ETHZ, then Postdoc at Boston in theoretical neurosciences
Max Hoffmann, PhD-student 4/2010-12/2013, then University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA
Jonas Grosse Sundrup, bachelor student summer term 2014, together with Frederik Graw
Jerome Soine, diploma student, PhD and Postdoc from 2008-2014
Irina Surovtsova, Postdoc 2012-2015, then Postdoc in Kummer and Pahle groups at BioQuant Heidelberg
Kathrin Bartelheimer, master student 2013/14, then PhD at DKFZ Heidelberg
Alexander van Meegen, bachelor student 2014/15, then HU Berlin for master studies
Anna Battista, PhD-student 2011-2015
Gianna Marschmann, master student 2015/15, then PhD in hydrogeology with Olaf Cirpka at Hohenheim
Hannah Barthel, master student together with Christian Conrad, 2014/15
Heinrich Klein, PhD & Postdoc 2012-15
Artemij Amiranashvili, bachelor student summer term 2013, master student 2015, then PhD at Freiburg in computer vision
Franz Kuchling, master student 2015, together with Jochen Wittbrodt, then PhD at Boston
Philipp Albert, diploma, PhD & Postdoc 2009-16
Silvia Seidlitz, bachelor student 2016, with Ries group at EMBL
Lukas Spiess, bachelor student 2016
Markus Miltner, bachelor student 2016
Benedikt Rennekamp, bachelor student 2016, then master and PhD with Frauke Graeter at HITS
Fabian Fuchs, master student 2015-16, then PhD in autonomous systems at Oxford, GB
Marcel Weiss, master student 2016, then PhD with Sebastian Ahnert group at Cambridge
Martin Reinhardt, master student 2017, with Wade group at HITS, then PhD with Helmut Grubmueller at MPI Goettingen
Christoph Brand, PhD and Postdoc 2011-2016
Vanessa Scheller, bachelor student 2016/17
Tom Kaufmann, bachelor student winter term 2016/17
Liam Ruske, bachelor student summer term 2017, then physics master at Edinburgh, then PhD at Oxford with Julia Yeomans
Anna Huhn, intern biology summer 2017
Paula Weidemueller, intern systems biology master fall 2017
Marco Linke, PhD and Postdoc 2012-2017
Susanna Fuhrmann, bachelor student winter term 2017/18
Nils Klughammer, bachelor student 2015 and master student 2017, then Dekker lab Delft
Dimitri Probst, PhD-student 2014-2018
Anil Kumar Dasanna, Postdoc until fall 2018, now Gompper group research center Juelich
Leander John, bachelor student summer term 2018
David Outland, bachelor student summer term 2018
Thomas Ehret, bachelor student summer term 2018
Astrid Stubbusch, intern summer term 2018
Nikolas Schnellbächer, PhD-student 2013-17, then Postdoc until fall 2018
Dennis Wagner, bachelor student winter term 2018/19
Marius Brockhoff, bachelor student winter term 2018/19
Daozheng Gong, bachelor student visiting from China March - May 2019
Stefan Maurer, bachelor student summer 2019
Hanno Hennighausen, bachelor student 2019
Marina Savarino, bachelor student 2019
Felix Frey, master 2014/15, PhD 2015-2019, Postdoc 2019/20, then Idema group Delft
Tom Kaufmann, master student 2018/19
Henri Schmidt, bachelor student summer term 2020
Jakob Dolgner, bachelor student summer term 2020
Sophia Baum, bachelor student summer term 2020
Leon Seeger, bachelor 2017 (with Alba Diz-Munoz) and master 2019/20 (with Eugene Shakhnovich), then Laessig group Cologne
Tim Dullweber, master 2019/20 (with Alba Diz-Munoz), then Erzberger group EMBL Heidelberg
Michelle Kemper, Matter to Life rotation student winter term 2020
Yixin Chen, Matter to Life rotation student winter term 2020
Timothy Herbst, master student 2020/21
Justin Grewe, master student 2016, PhD-student 2017-20, then Postdoc until end of 2020
Julia Jäger, PhD-student 2016-20, then Postdoc until summer term 2021
Juraj Majek, Erasmus student summer term 2021
Rick Bebon, master student 2020/21, then Godec group at Göttingen
Hanchen Li, bachelor student summer term 2021
Alexander Baum, bachelor student summer term 2021
Frederik Kortkamp, bachelor student summer term 2021
Margareta von Samson, bachelor student summer term 2021
Linus von Klitzing, bachelor student winter term 2021/22
Benjamin Raach, master student 2021, then Graw group at BioQuant
Pedro Antonio Soria Ruiz, master student 2021
Benjamin Laier, bachelor student spring 2022
Santiago Gomez Melo, master student 2021/22
Lukas Riedel, Postdoc 2021/22, together with Peter Bastian group
Rafael Gonzalez Albaladejo, guest from Madrid (groups of Luis Bonilla and Ana Carpio), summer term 2022
Ruth Kaiser, bachelor student summer term 2022
Jaime Agudo-Canalejo, Lehrstuhlvertretung summer term 2022
Gonen Golani, Postdoc and Minerva-Fellow 2020-22, now senior lecturer at University of Haifa physics department
Patrick Binder, PhD-student 2019-22, together with Thomas Höfer, then Postdoc in Höfer group at DKFZ
Gloria Triguero Platero, master student 2022 with Falko Ziebert and Luis Bonilla
Junjie Liu, master student 2022 with Falko Ziebert
Dennis Woerthmueller, master, PhD and Postdoc 2016-2023, then Postdoc at Institut Curie Paris
Simon Brauburger, master 2022/23, then PhD in Ulrich Keyser group at Cambridge
Katharina Weber, MtL rotation student together with Michael Boutros 2023
Christina Goss, MtL rotation student together with Sarah Köster 2023
Laura Sanchis, Mobi intern 2023
Michelle Emmert, Mobi intern 2023
Pintu Patra, Postdoc until 2023, now assistent professor at IIT Kharagpur
Rabea Link, master and PhD-student until summer 2023
Gerrit Niederhoff, bachelor student summer term 2023
Enej Caf, master student 2022-23 with Falko Ziebert, then PhD at the physics department of the University of Lubljana
Johannes Blumberg, master, PhD and Postdoc 7/2018 - 12/2023
Tomas Kreißel, master 2022/23, then PhD in Pollet group LMU Munich
Johannes Gebauer, master 2023/24, then PhD at UK Hamburg
Ceren Ayeri, bachelor winter term 2023/24
Robert Chojowski, master, PhD and Postdoc 10/2018-4/2024
Rounak Bhattacharyya, Postdoc 11/2023 - 4/2024