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QFT Lecture of Prof. C. Wetterich

Lecture Notes

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Problem Sets of QFT II

Problem Sets of QFT I

Contents of QFT II

VI Yukawa-Model

14. Fermion-scalar-coupling

a. Meson exchange in strong interactions

b. Feshbach resonance for ultracold fermionic atoms

15. Perturbation theory, Feynman graphs

16. Fermion scattering in Yukawa model

VII Quantum electrodynamics

17. Feynman rules for QED

18. Electron-Positron scattering

19. Free photons, Compton Scattering

VIII Euclidean path integrals

20. Analytic continuation

21. Lattice -QFT

22. QFT in thermal equilibrium: Matsubara formalism

23. Sources and generating functionals

24. Effective action and quantum field equations

25. Spontaneous symmetry breaking, Higgs mechanism

26. Bose-Einstein condensate for ultracold atoms

IX Renormalization

27. One loop effective potential in scalar theory

28. Perturbative renormalization

29. Functional renormalization and flow equations

30. Renormalizable theories

X Non-abelian gauge theories: Perturbation theory

31. Standard model of weak interactions

32. Gauge fixing and ghosts

33. Quantum Chromo-Dynamics

34. Unified theories - outlook

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