My main research focus is on the fundamental quantum nature of matter and spacetime.

My research interests include

  • Asymptotically safe quantum gravity and matter
  • UV completion of the Standard Model
  • Higgs sector in (Beyond) SM settings
  • Renormalization Group flows in discrete models of quantum spacetime
  • Regular black-hole spacetimes
  • tensor models for quantum gravity
  • causal set quantum gravity
    For a partial overview of my research, check out this video
  • News:
  • This webpage is no longer kept up to date. Instead, find me at CP3-Origins
  • Registration for the workshop ``Quantum Gravity and matter", September 9-13, 2019, at the IWH Heidelberg, is now open on the webpage of the workshop
  • February 2019: For a popular-science account of asymptotically safe gravity (in German), check out Spektrum der Wissenschaft

    My publications can be found on
  • google scholar and on inspire. You can also find me on acadamia-net.

    The International Seminar on Asymptotic Safety, is co-organized with Aaron Held and Marc Schiffer. If you would like to participate, please email one of us.

    Philosophenweg 16
    69120 Heidelberg

    phone: +49 6221 54 9420

    email: eichhorn AT