My main research focus is on the fundamental quantum nature of matter and spacetime.

My research interests include

  • Asymptotically safe quantum gravity and matter
  • UV completion of the Standard Model
  • Higgs sector in (Beyond) SM settings
  • Renormalization Group flows in discrete models of quantum spacetime
  • tensor models for quantum gravity
  • causal set quantum gravity
    For a partial overview of my research, check out this video
  • News:
  • Registration for the workshop ``Quantum Gravity and matter", September 9-13, 2019, at the IWH Heidelberg, is now open on the webpage of the workshop
  • February 2019: For a popular-science account of asymptotically safe gravity (in German), check out Spektrum der Wissenschaft
  • Review on tensor models and the FRG approach (with Tim Koslowski and Antonio Pereira) now available on arxiv
  • ``An asymptotically safe guide to quantum gravity and matter" now available on arxiv
  • Sept. 2018: ``Mass difference for charged quarks from asymptotically safe quantum gravity" published in PRL as Editors' suggestion
  • July 2018: Klaus-Georg and Sigrid Hengstberger Award for Young Scientists at the University of Heidelberg
  • June 2018: Appointed as a new member of the Junge Akademie
  • April 2018: teaching prize of the faculty for physics and astronomy for the lecture on black holes in the winter term 2017/18

    My publications can be found on
  • google scholar and on inspire. You can also find me on acadamia-net.

    The group:
    Group members:
  • Antonio Pereira (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Alessia Platania (postdoctoral researcher)
  • Gustavo Pazzini de Brito (visiting PhD student)
  • Aaron Held (PhD student)
  • Johannes Lumma (PhD student)
  • Martin Pauly (PhD student)
  • Marc Schiffer (PhD student)
  • Arslan Sikandar (visiting PhD student)
  • Fleur Versteegen (PhD student)
    Former group members:
    Giovanni Biondo (Master student), Nicolai Christiansen (postdoctoral researcher), Peter Vander Griend (master student), Artiom Zaitev (master student), Ademola Adeifeoba (Master student)

    Core values of our group:
    Respect for everybody irrespective of their age, country of origin, view of the world, gender etc. is a core value of this group that we uphold in all our interactions with each other and with others. We stand for open-mindedness, respect for other points of view and for an open-minded, respectful, free and constructive discourse. These are not empty words, but values that we give our best to uphold in our daily work.

    The International Seminar on Asymptotic Safety, is co-organized with Aaron Held and Marc Schiffer. If you would like to participate, please email one of us.

    My most recent work:
    Conference and workshop organization:
    Hengstberger Symposium on ``Quantum Gravity and Matter" at the IWH Heidelberg, September 9-13, 2019

    Past conference and workshop organization:
  • Quantum Fields – from Fundamental Concepts to Phenomenological Questions, MITP, Mainz, September 26 - 28, 2018
  • Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group, Bad Honnef, June 18-22, 2018
  • Asymptotic safety in a dark universe, Perimeter Institute, Canada, June 5-7, 2018
  • FRGE for tensor models, ITP Heidelberg, March 19-23, 2018
  • Higgs cosmology meeting at Chicheley Hall, UK, March 2017
  • Functional Renormalization - from quantum gravity and dark energy to ultracold atoms and condensed matter, March 2017
  • Quantum spacetime and the Renormalization Group at the Lorentz Center, Netherlands, February 2017
  • Probing the fundamental nature of spacetime with the Renormalization Group 2015
  • Renormalization Group approaches to quantum gravity 2014
  • Experimental search for quantum gravity - the hard facts 2012
  • Lectures and teaching:
  • summer term 18: Quantum field theory on curved backgrounds
  • literature and assignments can be found here
  • winter term 2017/18: Black holes (for students with knowledge on General Relativity)
  • literature and assignments can be found here
  • summer term 2017: bachelor seminar on Quantum Mechanics (a list of topics is available here)
  • winter term 2016/17: Quantum Gravity and the Renormalization Group (for master students with knowledge on QFT and General Relativity)
  • literature and assignments can be found here

    My spacetime coordinates when not in Heidelberg in 2018

    January 11: TU Darmstadt
    January 15-17: Univ. Vienna
    January 30: Univ. Freiburg
    February 25 - March 10: Universidad Catolica, Santiago de Chile
    March 12-13: TPI, Univ. Jena
    April 19-22: 11. Sino-German Frontiers of Science Symposium, Shanghai, China
    May 22-23: Conference on observers in the cosmos, University of Bristol, UK
    May 24-25: Planck 2018, Bonn
    June 2-12, Perimeter Institute; June 5-7: Conference on asymptotic safety in a dark universe
    June 17-22, Bad Honnef: workshop on Quantum Spacetime and the Renormalization Group
    June 28, Odense: University of Southern Denmark/CP3
    June 29-30, Berlin: Summer conference of the ``Junge Akademie"
    July 9-12, Paris: ERG conference
    July 13-14, Potsdam: Emmy-Noether meeting of the DFG
    Sept. 11-14: Workshop on asymptotic safety, Hvar
    Sept. 17-19: DICE workshop, Castiglioncello
    Sept. 20-23: NEB 18, Rhodos
    Sept. 24: Relativistic Quantum Information North, Vienna
    Sept. 25: DESY Theory Workshop
    Sept. 26-28: MITP, Conference "Quantum Fields – from Fundamental Concepts to Phenomenological Questions"
    Oct. 8: AEI Golm, mini-conference on gravitation
    Oct. 11: AEI Hanover
    Oct. 26-29: Budapeszt, fall meeting of the Young academy
    Oct. 31- Nov. 2, Okinawa, Japan, Symposium on Tensor models
    Nov. 12-Nov. 16 Univ. of Valdivia, Chile
    Nov. 30 - Dec.1: Vienna Central European Seminar
    Dec.3 - Dec. 21: AIMS Ghana


    Jan. 28 - Feb 1, CERN, ``scale invariance in particle physics and cosmology"
    March 13-16, Halle, spring meeting of the Young academy
    July 7-12: GR 22, Valencia

    Philosophenweg 16
    69120 Heidelberg

    phone: +49 6221 54 9420

    email: eichhorn AT