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Sabine Harribey

I was a PhD student at Heidelberg University and Ecole Polytechnique Paris, under the supervision of Razvan Gurau, Dario Benedetti and Christoph Kopper. During the first part of my PhD, I worked in the mathematical physics group at CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique. During the second part, I worked in the group of Razvan Gurau at ITP, Heidelberg University.

Before this, I did my Bachelor and Master at Ecole Normale Supérieure in Lyon from where I graduated in 2018. I did my master thesis under the supervision of Dimitrios Tsimpis about the Computation of the four-point amplitude at one-loop order in bosonic string theory.

My research interests are in quantum field theories, renormalization, large-N theories and non-perturbative phenomena. More precisely, the goal of my PhD thesis, entitled Renormalization in tensor field theories and the melonic fixed point, was to study the renormalization group flow of tensor field theories and establish the existence of a new kind of CFT at the fixed point, called melonic CFT. I then focused on studying these melonic CFTs in detail as well as the class of models exhibiting such a melonic fixed point.

My CV can be found here.