Research and Teaching




Carlos Pérez Sánchez

My research focuses on mathematical aspects of two of the many existing approaches to quantum gravity:

– random tensor models & random matrix models
– random noncommutative geometry (à la Connes)

Also, I am interested in the relation among these two topics and: non-perturbative quantum field theory, functional renormalization group, topological recursion, large-N limits, free probability, random matrix theory.

More on it and my CV are found here.

Davide Lettera

From 2015 to 2020, I completed my bachelor's and master's degrees in physics at the University of Pisa. During the master thesis I worked under the supervision of Alessando Vichi on A large-N tensor model with four supercharges.

In 2021 I started my PhD under the supervision of Razvan Gurau and Dario Benedetti at the University of Heidelberg, where I am currently working.

My main fields of interest are in Quantum Field Theory, Renormalization, Large-N theories and Conformal Field Theory.

Hannes Keppler

I am a PhD student in the mathematical physics group of Razvan Gurau at the ITP, Heidelberg University. I also did my undergraduate studies in Heidelberg from where I graduated in 2022. During Bachelor and Master I was focusing on theoretical high energy physics, and topology and geometry in physics.

In my master thesis, also supervised by R. Gurau, I studied Duality of Orthogonal and Symplectic Colored Random Tensor Models.

My research interests include: Cominatorics and geometry of random tensor models, as well as methods for Quantum Field Theory beyond perturbation theory, such as Lefschetz-Thimbles and Borel summation.

Matteo Maria Maglio

My research activity focuses on studying conformal field theories regarding their properties in momentum space and their application in different areas of Theoretical Physics. In addition, to deepen the study of conformal field theories and their applications, I am mainly interested in cosmology, gravity and scattering amplitudes and the possible links to establish between them.

Luca Lionni

I am currently a postdoc in Razvan Gurau’s group. A few keywords describing my research:

– Random matrices and random tensors
– Geometry and combinatorics of combinatorial maps and higher dimensional cell structures
– The search for higher dimensional universality classes of random geometry, a problem which arises in quantum gravity
– Applications of the technics and results from the above in other physics and math topics: quantum information, enumerative geometry, SYK-like models, turbulence…

More precisely, some projects I currently work on: the combinatorics of higher order free cumulants, and the generalization of the theory of free probability for random tensors; integrals over tensor products of unitary matrices and their applications in quantum information; a generalization of constellations and Hurwitz numbers in dimension 3, which count certain branched coverings of the 3-sphere.

My papers on arxiv.

Master's Students

We are the master's students of Rǎzvan Gurǎu's group (from left to right): Leena Tharwat, Daniel Tieck Roldán, Niels Gehrig, Melda Akyazi, and Miao Hu.

Leena and Niels are supervised by Carlos Pérez Sánchez. Both are concentrated on investigating the functional renormalization of tensor models. While Niels is working on describing the Wetterich equation in terms of Graph operations and developing symbolic calculation, Leena is more focused on discretized models of gravity.

Daniel is supervised by Matteo Maria Maglio and is dealing with Persistent Symmetry Breaking on tensor models.

Melda is supervised by Rǎzvan Gurǎu and works on the spiked tensor model, i.e. a model of the type "noise + signal" with the noise being represented by a random tensor.

Miao's supervisor is Luca Lionni and his research goes in the direction of randomized measurements of multipartite entanglement with cumulants computed from Weingarten calculus.