Jan Martin Pawlowski, Tilman Plehn, winter term 2017/2018

Lecture: Tuesday & Thursday 11:15-13:00, Pw 19 / SR [LSF]

Tutorial: Monday 16:15-18:00, PW 12 / R 107a [LSF]

Prerequisites: Theoretical Physics I-IV, QFT

Content of lecture series

The lecture course provides a survey to perturbative & non-perturbative phenomena in QCD.


  • Introduction

    • QCD action, gauge fixing & ghosts

    • UV & IR divergences

    • IR divergences and collinear factorisation

  • QCD

    • Strong chiral symmetry breaking vs Higgs

    • Parton densities and DGLAP

    • Mellin transform and logarithms

    • Lattice gauge theory

    • Ordered emission

    • Low energy effective theories

    • Parton shower & Sudakov logs

    • QCD simulation chain & hadronisation

    • jet counting and generating functionals


  • Quantum field theory, basics

  • Collins Renormalization Springer
      Haag Local Quantum Physics Springer, 1996
      Itzykson, Zuber Quantum Field Theory McGraw-Hill
      Peskin, Schroeder An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory Addison Wesley
      Siegel Fields hep-th/9912205
      Weinberg The Quantum Theory of Fields, Vol. 1-2 Cambridge University Press

  • Quantum field theory, applications

  • Kugo Eichtheorie Springer, 1997
      Miransky Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in Quantum Field Theories World Scientific, 1993
      Muta Foundations of Quantum Chromodynamics World Scientific, 1987
      Pokorski Gauge Field Theories Cambridge, 1987
      Wu-Ki Tung Group Theory in Physics World Scientific, 1985
      Zinn-Justin Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena Oxford, 1993

  • Lecture notes

  • Jan M. Pawlowski QFT I , QFT II , Non-perturbative aspects of gauge theories
      Tilman Plehn LHC & Higgs notes (updated)