Five-o'-clock tea: Quark-Gluon Plasma and Cold Atoms

Participating EMMI research groups

Ewerz / Gasenzer / Jochim / Oberthaler / Pawlowski / Salmhofer / Schaffner-Bielich / Schweda / Stachel / Weidemüller / Wimberger

Physikalisches Institut, kleiner Hörsaal, Philosophenweg 12

 Monday 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr

The Seminar explores the synergies and communalities between the physics of the coldest and the hottest systems we can study experimentally in the laboratory: cold quantum gases and the quark-gluon plasma. It brings together interested students and researchers and experts working in one or both of these areas.

This seminar is the third in a seminar series and continues the QGP--Cold-Atoms Seminars of the summer term 2008 and the summer term 2009. This term it is a lunch seminar concentrating on current research and possible collaborations of the participating EMMI research groups.




 16.11. Evaporative Cooling Repp/Weidemüller
 30.11. Thermalisation in cold gases Kronenwett/Gasenzer
 7.12. Entropy: concepts Salmhofer
 14.12. Entropy in nuclear reactions Radomski/Schweda
 25.1. Entropy Production in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions & Notes Schweda
  summer term Entropy in cold gases Jochim
 summer term Turbulence Gasenzer
 summer term Thermalisation in heavy ion collisions Pawlowski
 summer term Knudsen number in QGP Stachel


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