Research interests

key words

  1. Phase diagram of QCD
    • confinement mechanism
    • confinement & dynamical chiral symmetry breaking
    • confinement-deconfinement phase transition
    • QCD at finite density, quark-gluon plasma

  2. Ultracold gases
    • BCS-BEC cross-over
    • thermodynamics
    • dynamical evolution

  3. Non-equilibrium evolution of quantum systems
    • dynamical field theory
    • many body dynamics of strongly correlated systems
    • quark-gluon plasma out of equilibrium

  4. Quantum gravity & UV-completions of the Standard Model
    • ultraviolet stability
    • coupling to matter
    • phenomenology

  5. Renormalisation group methods
    • formal advances and structural aspects of RG methods
    • optimisation of RG flows
    • thermal flows: construction and applications
    • gauge/diffeomorphism invariant RG flows in gauge theories & gravity
    • high T_c superconductor (QED_3)

  6. Lattice gauge theory
    • stochastic quantisation of gauge theories & fermionic systems (sign problem)
    • chiral fermions on the lattice
    • lattice formulation of chiral gauge theories
    • supersymmetry on the lattice

  7. Topological aspects of QFT
    • gauge defects and topological excitations: construction and effects
    • explicit construction of instantons on compact spaces (tori)
    • confinement mechanisms in toy models: Seiberg-Witten
    • instanton-induced interactions and chiral symmetry breaking

  8. Conformal field theory/string theory
    • path integral quantisation of Liouville theory
    • AdS/CFT
    • tachyon condensation