Ultra-Mini Workshops on Phenomenology

Physics in-High Dimensional Spaces

The University of Edinburgh - March 26 to March 30, 2007

The Edinburgh and Glasgow pheno groups have again received SUPA funding to organize the second in a series of ultra-mini workshops. These workshops on high-energy phenomenology should trigger scientific exchange between Scotland and the U.S. or continental Europe or England on all levels - from established faculty members to postdocs and graduate students.

The idea is simple: we lock up a good handful of bright people who are interested in the topic - and young enough to calculate things - in a room for a week. We hope that by the time we open the door in the evening and head out to the pub many cool ideas will have emerged and been discussed. LHC phenomenology is a pressing and exciting topic with groups scattered around the world, let's establish new links and life-long friendships!

We should acknowledge that the idea of ultra-minis has been stolen from Graham Kribs in Oregon, so in a way you might call this the Ultra-mini #5, after workshops in fall 05, winter 06, spring 06, fall 06.

The external participants for this second Scottish ultra-mini are:
Ben Allanach (Cambridge)
Kyle Cranmer (Brookhaven) (also journal club speaker)
Frank Krauss (Durham)
Patrick Meade (Harvard) (also seminar speaker)
Christian Speckner (Würzburg)
Peter Wienemann (Bonn)

Some time during the workshop Tony Kennedy (PPT Edinburgh) will give a lecture on Markov Chains, so we have an idea what we are talking about. Moreover, Brian Pendleton will introduce us to Edinburgh's famous Hybrid Monte Carlo. All talks will be posted on time and will be broadcast to Glasgow. Let's rock'n'roll!

Alberto, Luigi, David, Brian, and Tilman

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