Ultra-Mini Workshops on Phenomenology

LHC Physics Beyond the Standard Model

The University of Edinburgh - October 30 to November 4, 2006

The Edinburgh and Glasgow pheno groups have received SUPA funding to organize the first in a series of ultra-mini workshops on a range of topics. These workshops on high-energy phenomenology should trigger scientific exchange between Scotland and the U.S. or continental Europe on all levels - from established faculty members to postdocs and graduate students.

The idea is simple: we lock up a good handful of bright people who are interested in the topic - and young enough to calculate things - in a room for a week. We hope that by the time we open the door in the evening and head out to the pub many cool ideas will have emerged and been discussed. LHC phenomenology is a pressing and exciting topic with groups scattered around the world, let's establish new links and life-long friendships!

We should acknowledge that the idea of ultra-minis has been stolen from Graham Kribs in Oregon, so in a way you might call this the Ultra-mini #4, after workshops in fall 05, winter 06, spring 06.

The external participants for this first Scottish ultra-mini are:
Graham Kribs (Oregon) - also journal club speaker
Neal Weiner (NYU)
Dave Rainwater (Rochester) - also seminar speaker
Bob McElrath (UC Davis)
Ben Lillie (Argonne/Chicago)
Steffen Schumann (Dresden)
Peter Richardson (Durham)

Let's rock'n'roll!

Alberto, David and Tilman

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