Ultra-Mini Workshops on Phenomenology

Phenomenology and Statistics

University of Wisonsin, Madison - April 30 to May 4, 2007

Edinburgh pheno on tour! This time we are going to meet in beautiful Madison/WI the week before Pheno07 to discuss statistics and matrix element methods with experimental and phenomenological colleagues from Tevatron and LHC. What could be a better example for active exchange between Scotland and for example the U.S. on cutting-edge topics.

The idea of ultra-minis is simple and still the same: we lock up a good handful of bright people who are interested in the topic - and young enough to calculate things - in a room for a week. We hope that by the time we open the door in the evening and head out to the terrace many cool ideas will have emerged and been discussed. LHC phenomenology is a pressing and exciting topic with groups scattered around the world, let's establish new links and life-long friendships!

We should acknowledge that the idea of ultra-minis has been stolen from Graham Kribs in Oregon, so in a way you might call this the Ultra-mini #6, after workshops in fall 05, winter 06, spring 06, fall 06. spring 07.

The external participants for this third Scottish ultra-mini on tour are:
Johan Alwall (SLAC)
Kyle Cranmer (Brookhaven)
David Rainwater (Rochester)
Arne Weber (München)
Daniel Whiteson (Irvine)

We are particularly grateful to Linda Dolan, Tao Han, Frank Petriello and the rest of the Madison pheno group for hosting this event. Let's rock'n'roll!

Kyle and Tilman

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