Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Master Seminar WS 2012/2013

Please note that the Wednesday time slot has again been changed to Tuesday 2PM-4PM in the Goldkasten of the PI (INF 226). All talks will be distributed in week 2 of the semester, i.e. on 10/23. The only set of talks which are not negotiable are the Higgs discovery papers by ATLAS and CMS which appeared this Summer. Additional topics will correspond to the interest of the participants As usual, each student will give a 45 minute presentation (including questions) and will have to hand in a brief (6-8 pages) writeup after the end of term. These writeups are due two weeks after the respective presentation.

Each presentation will be focussed on one, more or less recent paper by one of the LHC experiments. The topics will be distributed during the first meeting. Collections of ATLAS, CMS, and LHCb papers are available online. Some more detailed hints for references will appear once the talks are assigned. We are very much looking forward to this seminar!

Tilman Plehn, Ulrich Uwer

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