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The ITP mourns for Berthold Stech

Berthold Stech was Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Institute for Theoretical Physics from 1960 until his retirement in 1991. He remained loyal to the Ruperto Carola despite several calls both in Germany and from abroad, and continued the tradition of phenomenologically oriented nuclear and particle physics of his mentor and colleague J. H. D. Jensen with great commitment and highly successfully. His pioneering contributions to particle physics contributed significantly to the reputation of the Institute for Theoretical Physics as a well-known center of scientific research and teaching. Berthold Stech was not only an outstanding and imaginative scientist, but also a kind and helpful person who shaped the atmosphere at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in a way that is still to be found today.

His colleagues and numerous students will remember him forever with gratitude and honor.

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Berthold Stech - Elementare Teilchen und Kräfte der Physik

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