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String Theory and Physics Beyond the Standard Model

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String Compactifications, String Phenomenology and String Model Building

Non-perturbative Effects in String Theory

Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Current Projects:
  • Understanding of Grand Unification and its interplay with Supersymmetry, Supersymmetry breaking and extra space-time dimensions
  • Realization of cosmological inflation in String Theory and study of its infrared dynamics (related topics are also studied in the Cosmology group)
  • Development of particle-physics models for Dark Matter, especially in models with extra dimensions (related topics are also studied in the Cosmology and LHC/New Physics groups)
  • Particle phenomenology of the landscape of string vacua: MSSM and GUT model building, effective actions, Supersymmetry breaking from String Theory
  • Mathematical properties of string compactifications: geometry of Type II orientifolds with D-branes and fluxes, heterotic string vacua, M/F-Theory compactifications (see also the Partnership Mathematics and Physics )

  • External Funding:

    Transregional Collaborative Research Centre TRR 33 - The Dark Universe

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