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Each student of the RTG has an annual travel budget of about 2,000 Euros. This money is reserved for conferences, schools and short (< 2 weeks) research visits. If you like to use this travel money, please send an informal email to Tilman Plehn and Stephanie Hansmann-Menzemer describing briefly the motivation for your trip and/or the program of the school or the conference and give an estimate of the travel costs (train, flight, hotel, fees, …). Don't forget to include the per-diem in your calculation.

Travel authorization forms have to be handed in before your trip at the secretary's office of your institute. This is important to make sure your trip is coverd by an insurance. If you need an advance payment, please let the secretary at your Institute know that you applied for funding through RTG. A travel reimbursement claim form and all the invoices and confirmations are to be handed in at the secretary's office of your institute after your trip.

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