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Disclaimer on information on this website created by the Graduate School for Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model (GK PPBSM):

The information on this website has been carefully researched and implemented. Despite these efforts towards accuracy, the possibility of errors cannot be excluded. Please send any remarks or corrections to the web managing editor. While the content has been carefully checked, we assume no liability for its accuracy, completeness, or timeliness. In particular, liability is disclaimed for any damage or consequences that may arise through direct or indirect use of the website content.

In accordance with common law, the GK PPBSM is responsible for content created by persons associated with the GK PPBSM. This content does not include cross-references (“external links”) that are provided to other websites. This “foreign content” does not originate from the GK PPBSM; nor is the GK PPBSM in a position to influence it as a third party. The content of foreign sites that are linked to this website does not reflect the opinion of the GK PPBSM. Links are provided solely to convey additional information and to present connections.

The statement above applies to all links and cross-references that have been created within the GK PPBSM's websites, as well as to comments recorded by external visitors in guest books, discussion forums, and mailing lists that have been established by the GK PPBSM. Sole liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content, and in particular, for damage arising from the use or disuse of such content is assumed by the owner of the website to which the link refers.

In addition, GK PPBSM does not associate or identify itself with the content of third parties to which it refers via a link. The GK PPBSM assumes no responsibility for such content, since it has no influence on it.

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