Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg


Written here in Heidelberg my lecture note on LHC physics, including the extensive discussion of Higgs physics are done and available from the menue bar.
In my lecture on Quantum Field Theory I am following Mark Srednicki's great book. However, there are a few of his chapters where I decided the change the line of thought or the conventions a little. Those modified chapters are available here,

Historically, there exist a few writeups from (5+x)-hour classes on physics beyond the Standard Model, first tried out as SUPA classes in Edinburgh. All of them still require major debugging, though...
1 - Here's the SUSY original: lectures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
2 - Here are some notes about extra dimensions (thanks to Maria Ubiali)
3 - Finally, little Higgs models (again thanks to Maria) are online
4 - Some basic Higgs physics at the LHC (thank you to Erik and Eoin for typing it up)
5 - While I am teaching it I will try to keep my notes on models without a Higgs updated
6 - TASI lectures QCD and phenomenology for LHC searchers - by a non-expert for non-experts

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