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Virtual RTG Event: B anomalies: news from LHCb and what they mean in theory

Friday, April 23, 2021, 2pm-4pm

14.00 Talk by Javier Virto (University of Barcelona)

Overview of neutral-current B anomalies
I will give an easy overview on the B anomalies in b to sll transitions, starting with a brief historical overview and ending with the new LHCb results.

14.30 Talk by Martino Borsato (Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg)

Neutral-current B anomalies: an experimental perspective
Over the past decade, the LHCb experiment has collected the world-largest sample of rare B decays involving b→sℓℓ transitions. Their precise study unveiled a set of anomalies that could be a sign of dynamics beyond the Standard Model. In this seminar, I will explain the experimental methods and challenges involved in the analyses of these samples which include branching ratio measurements, angular analyses, searches for lepton flavour violation and tests of lepton universality. Furthermore, I will discuss the analyses of current and future datasets that have the potential to clarify the origin of the anomalies.

15.00 Questions & discussion

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