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TASI 1997

Since I am about to have the opportunity to go back to TASI, where all this mess started in 1997, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look where our co-graduate students ended up. So let's see who on our old group photo is still doing physics these day...

David Muller
Xuelei Chen National Astronomical Observatory of China
Prem Kumar University of Wales, Swansea
Changhai Lu JetBlue Airways
Stephane Lavignac Saclay
Heather Logan Carleton University, Ottawa
Ren Jie Zhang left from professorship in Bejing
Graham Kribs University of Oregon, Eugene
Abdel Perez-Lorenzana IPN, Mexico City
David E Kaplan Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Andre de Gouvea Northwestern University
Christian Bauer Berkeley National Lab
Matthew Parry University of Otago
Alexander Friedland Los Alamos National Lab
Sunil Rawal
Alaa Abd El-Hady Zagazig Universiy, Egypt
Sachin Vaidya Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Joan Popescu
Adam Leibovich University of Pittsburgh
Michal Brhlik
Patrick Martin
Martin Smith
Sanjay Raina medical physics?
Iain Stewart MIT
Ozgur Sarioglu Technical University Ankara
Yan Vtorov Karevsky
Gregory Gabadadze NYU
Don Colladay New College of Florida
Maxim Perelstein Cornell University
David Fillmore
Konstantin Matchev University of Florida
Dan Chung University of Wisconsin, Madison
Jason Kumar Texas A&M
Zackaria Chacko University of Maryland
Richard Altendorfer TRW Automotive Koblenz
Sharmanthie Fernando Northern Kentucky University
Lisa Everett University of Wisconsin, Madison
Schuyler Cullen Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, San Jose
Andras Kaiser
Tim Tait University of California, Irvine
Francois Lepeintre Seattle Central Community College
Asad Naqvi University of Wales, Swansea
Shufang Su University of Arizona
Loretta Johnson Kalamazoo College
Oleg Lebedev DESY
Josh Erlich College of William and Mary
Sechul Oh Yonsei University
Tilman Plehn Heidelberg University
K Z Win
Nick Irges University of Crete
Martin Gremm Pivot Point Advisors

Now, there are probably many mistakes in this list, do please drop me an email if you spot one. Apart from that, this list looks pretty promising for coming TASI generations; at least in our year there is no reason to whine about how bad the job perspectives are in theoretical physics. Or as Gregory G put it, talking to one of our students: just go and do some good work, and then you will get a professorship somewhere...

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