Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Teilchentee SS 2019

Seminar at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University
on Thursdays, 4 p.m.
organizers: J. Berges, J. Jaeckel
Before each seminar, the speaker gives an informal Pre-Talk, introducing the MSc and PhD students at the ITP to the broader context of the topic of the seminar.
Pre-Talks start at 15.30

25.4.2019 Christof Gattringer Lattice field theory with worldlines and worldsheets Link
29.4.2019 Susanne Westhoff Dark matter from long-lived particles (Seminar at MPIK, Note unusual day!!! Time:16:30; tea and cookies from 16:00) Link
2.5.2019 Thomas Konstandin Implications of cosmological phase transitions Link
9.5.2019 Philipp Hauke Cold-atom quantum simulation of gauge theories Link
16.5.2019 Matthias Neubert Effective Field Theory after a New-Physics Discovery Link
23.5.2019 Bjoern Garbrecht Systematic expansion of tunneling rates Link
31.5.2019 Ayres Freitas Flavor-specific scalar mediators (Note date: Friday!!! Room and time as usual. No Pre-Talk!) Link
6.6.2019 Aleksas Mazeliauskas Far from equilibrium QCD dynamics in high energy nuclear collisions Link
13.6.2019 Massimo Passera (CANCELLED!!!) No Seminar Link
27.6.2019 Stefan Vogl: Common Seminar with MPIK New effects in dark matter production Link
4.7.2019 Axel Maas Electroweak phenomenology from (fundamental) field theory Link
11.7.2019 Joerg Jaeckel Physics beyond colliders - Exploring beyond the Standard Model Link
18.7.2019 Michele Cicoli Reheating and geometrical destabilisation in Fibre Inflation Link
25.7.2019 Ulrich Heinz Far-from-equilibrium hydrodynamics, or: How the heck is it possible that a system emitting only a dozen particles behaves like a fluid? Link
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