Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Teilchentee WS 2017/18

Seminar at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University
on Thursdays, 4 pm
organizers: Stefan Floerchinger, Susanne Westhoff
Before each seminar, the speaker gives an informal Pre-Talk, introducing the MSc and PhD students at the ITP to the broader context of the topic of the seminar.
Pre-Talks start at 3:30 pm

19.10.2017 Silke Weinfurtner (Nottingham U.) Black hole physics in the bathtub: Rotational superradiant scattering in a vortex flow Link
26.10.2017 Viviana Niro (ITP) Neutrino mass limits from galaxy surveys and implications for particle physics Link
02.11.2017 Oleg Lebedev (Helsinki U.) The Higgs and cosmology Link
09.11.2017 17:15, gHs Gerard 't Hooft (Utrecht U.) Black hole quantum mechanics and why it may affect the topology of space and time Link
16.11.2017 Wojciech Florkowski (Krakau U.) Strongly interacting matter in extreme conditions: insights from hydrodynamic modeling of heavy ion collisions Link
23.11.2017 Matthew McCullough (CERN) Clockworking and the Power Spectrum of the LHC Link
30.11.2017 Xun-jie Xu (MPIK) BSM physics in neutrino scattering Link
07.12.2017 Michael Klasen (Muenster U.) Precision calculations for neutralino dark matter with DM@NLO Link
11.12.2017 at MPIK Pablo Soler (ITP) Swampland conjectures and their phenomenological applications Link
21.12.2017 Valery Khoze (IPPP Durham) The LHC as a photon-photon collider Link
11.01.2018 Sabine Hossenfelder (Frankfurt) Black Hole Information Loss - What's the Problem? Link
18.01.2018 Paolo di Vecchia (Nordita) Spontaneous CP breaking in QCD and the axion potential: an effective Lagrangian approach Link
25.01.2018 Stefan Floerchinger (ITP) Entropy and quantum field theory Link
01.02.2018 Davide Racco (Geneva U.) A Cosmological Signature of the Standard Model Higgs Vacuum Instability: Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter Link
08.02.2018 Masastoshi Yamada (ITP) Gauge hierarchy problem and scalegensis Link
29.03.2018 Gary Shiu (Wisconsin-Madison) The String Landscape and the Swampland Link
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