Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg

Teilchentee WS 2020/21

Main seminar of the Particle/Cosmo Division of the Institute for Theoretical Physics
(Heidelberg University)

Time: Thursdays, 4:15 p.m. (informal conversations start at 4:00 pm)

Organizers: A. Hebecker, S. Westhoff

The talks will be on Zoom, with the link announced in the weekly ITP email about seminars.

Due to the Zoom format, there will be no student pre-talks.
Instead, we will have two breaks for questions during the talk, after 15 and after 30 minutes. Please take advantage and ask anything you would like to - students and young postdocs first. The talk should nevertheless end after one hour.

05.11.2020 No Seminar Link
12.11.2020 Thomas Van Riet (Leuven) Are Coleman's Euclidean wormholes real? Link
19.11.2020 Holger Gies (Jena) Spinbase-invariant fermions and gravity Link
23.11.2020 16:30 Luca Amendola Searching for dark matter and dark energy in the dark ages
(Common Seminar with MPI-K, note unusual date and time!)
26.11.2020 No seminar Link
03.12.2020 Zohar Komargodski (Stony Brook) A modern perspective on symmetries and their generalizations Link
10.12.2020 Gudrun Heinrich (Karlsruhe) Tea Time with the Higgs Boson Link
17.12.2020 Jessie Shelton (Urbana-Champaign) Early Cannibal Domination and the Matter Power Spectrum Link
07.01.2021 No seminar (noch vorlesungsfrei) Link
14.01.2021 Simone Blasi (MPI-K) Cosmic strings and gravitational waves
(Common Seminar with MPI-K)
21.01.2021 Hannah Elfner (Frankfurt / GSI) Exploring the QCD phase diagram: Approaching the phase transition from the hadronic side Link
28.01.2021 Thomas Hartman (Cornell) Replica wormholes and the black hole information paradox Link
04.02.2021 Paolo Creminelli (Trieste) Inflation: perturbation theory and beyond Link
11.02.2021 Torsten Bringmann (Oslo) Cosmological tests of hidden sector dark matter models Link
18.02.2021 Korinna Zapp (Lund) Deciphering jet quenching in heavy ion collisions Link
25.02.2021 Johannes Walcher TBA Link
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