Workshop on QCD, Nonequilibrium Dynamics, Complex Systems, and Simulational Methods


Download here the DELTA 2016 programme as PDF

Thursday, 28.04.2016

14:00   S. Westhoff (U Heidelberg)   Top-Quark Physics and recent highlights at LHC (slides)
15:00   R. Sondenheimer (U Jena)   Vacuum stability from generalized Higgs interactions (slides)
15:30   A. Rothkopf (U Heidelberg)   Non-Abelian chiral instabilities from the lattice (slides)
17:00   A. Maas (U Graz)   Particle spectra in models of new physics (slides)
17:30   C. Ewerz (U Heidelberg)   Heavy q-qbar free energy in medium from AdS/CFT (slides)
18:00   W. Unger (U Bielefeld)   QCD phase diagram in the strong coupling regime (slides)
18:30   S. Floerchinger (U Heidelberg)   Variational principle for theories with dissipation (slides)

Friday, 29.04.2016

9:00   C. Gattringer (U Graz)   Abelian color cycles: A new approach to strong coupling expansion and dualization of non-abelian lattice field theories (slides)
9:30   K. Langeld (U Plymouth)   Can the density-of-states approach solve strong sign problems? (slides)
10:00   E. Bittner (U Heidelberg)   Multi-canonical Monte-Carlo vs Wang-Landau method: a comparison (slides)
11:00   E. Seiler (MPI Munich)   Complex Langevin with meromorphic drift (slides)
11:30   A. Alexandru (George Washington U)   Monte-Carlo calculations on Lefshetz thimbles and beyond (slides)
12:00   K. Boguslavski (U Bielefeld)   Universality classes far from equilibrium: From heavy-ion collisions to superfluid Bose systems (slides)
14:30   L. Amendola (U Heidelberg)   Testing gravity at cosmological scales
15:00   J. Polonyi (U Strasbourg)   Decoherence time scales (slides)
15:30   S. Nagy (U Debrecen)   Quantum renormalization group (slides)
16:00   R. Kühn (Kings College London)   Spectra of random Markov matrices and relaxation in complex systems (slides)
17:00   H. Gies (U Jena)   Asymptotically free non-Abelian Higgs models (slides)
17:30   T. Rindlisbacher (ETH Zürich)   Strong coupling approach to bound states
18:00   F. Ziegler (U Heidelberg)   Stochastic Quantization with Colored Noise (slides)

Saturday, 30.04.2013

9:00   B.-J. Schaefer (U Giessen)   Thermodynamics in a finite box in the functional renormalization group
9:30   M. Scherzer (U Heidelberg)   The phase diagram of QCD from low energy effective models (slides)
10:00   R. Hofmann (U Heidelberg)   Yang-Mills thermodynamics (slides)
11:00   F. Bruckmann (U Regensburg)   Phase diagram of the O(3) model through lattice dualization
11:30   C. Schubert (U Michoacana)   N-gluon vertices from the string-inspired formalism
12:00   M. Ilgenfritz (JINR Dubna)   Signatures of dyons in lattice QCD (slides)

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