Quantum Field Theory I - WS 2021/22

Lecturer: A. Hebecker , Time and Location: Mon 11-13 am, Wed 11-13 am, Philosophenweg 12, großer HS, first lecture: 18. October
(Tutorials start only during the SECOND week of the lecture course)

Head tutor: Antonino Di Piazza

Problem sheets are available at this Web page of our course in the Tutorial System of the Department

You can also find them at Web page of Antonino Di Piazza

Written Exam: Thursday, 17 February, 2 pm, Location: INF 308 (HS1 + HS2) and INF 227 (HS1). More details will follow.

Lecture Notes

(Originally edited by Robert Ott, Martin Pauly, Jan Schneider and Fabio Schlindwein -- to be further edited and updated as the course proceeds.)


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Lecture notes by David Tong, Cambridge

To recapitulate (or learn) Special Relativity and the relativistic formulation of Electrodynamics use e.g.:
Lectures on (Special) Relativity and Electrodynamics by David Tong, Cambridge
as well as the Electrodynamics notes by Michael Schmidt, Heidelberg, of Franz Wegner, Heidelberg

see also literature for QFT II

Handwritten Notes from 2015/16

1 Introduction

2 Free Scalar Field

3 Noether Theorem

4 Heisenberg Picture, Causality, Covariance

5 Perturbation Theory - Leading Order Approach

6 LSZ Formalism

7 Wick Theorem and Feynman Rules

8 Electromagnetic field

9 Spinors

10 Quantization of Spinors

11 Quantum Electrodynamics

12 Renormalization

13 Non-Abelian Gauge Theories and Standard Model

Notes of a very similar course in 2010/11

1 Introduction / 2 Free Scalar Field

3 Noether Theorem

4 Perturbation Theory (Naive Approach)

5 LSZ Formalism

6 Wick Theorem and Feynman Rules

7 Electromagnetic Field

8 Spinors

9 Quantization of Spinors

10 Quantum Electrodynamics

11 Renormalization

12 Non-Abelian Gauge Theories and the Standard Model