Exact Renormalization Group 2008


Monday, 30.06.2008

18:00 - 21:00: Welcome Reception and Registration at the International Science Forum.

Tuesday, 01.07.2008

9:00       Opening
9:15   C. Honerkamp (Würzburg)   Functional renormalization group for interacting fermions in 2D - recent applications and improvements Abstract Slides
10:00   A. Katanin (Stuttgart)   The two-loop functional renormalization group approach to the one- and two-dimensional Hubbard model Abstract Slides
10:30   P. Kopietz (Frankfurt)   Functional renormalization group approach to interacting fermions with partial bosonization:from weak to strong coupling Abstract Slides
11:00       Coffee break
11:30   P. Wölfle (Karlsruhe)   Transport of interacting electrons through a potential barrier: Nonperturbative RG approach Abstract Slides
12:00   C. Pepin (Saclay)   New RG scheme for strongly correlated electrons
12:30   S.-W. Tsai (Riverside)   Effects of retardation in the functional renormalization group approach to interacting fermions Abstract Slides
13:00       Lunch
15:00   V. Meden (Aachen)   Functional RG for transport through quantum dots Abstract Slides
15:45   H.C. Krahl (Heidelberg)   A Functional Renormalization Group approach to the Hubbard model Abstract Slides
16:15   P. Strack (Stuttgart)   Fermion-boson RG for the ground-state of fermionic superfluids Abstract Slides
16:45       Coffee break
17:15   P. Jakubczyk (Stuttgart)   Renormalization group for phases with broken discrete symmetry near quantum critical points Abstract Slides
17:45   C. Husemann (Leipzig)   Competing Orders in the Hubbard Model at van Hove Filling Abstract Slides
18:05   O. Lauscher (Leipzig)   Projected flow equations and competing ordering tendencies in the 2D Hubbard model Abstract Slides

Wednesday, 02.07.2008

9:00   M. Pletyukhov (Aachen)   Nonequilibrium renormalization group study of low-dimensional systems with Coulomb interaction
9:40   F. Reininghaus (Aachen)   Dephasing rates within nonequilibrium RG: A generic approach Abstract
10:15   G. Tarjus (Jussieu)   Critical phenomena in random field models and related disordered systems: a nonperturbative functional renormalization group approach (I)
11:00       Coffee break
11:30   J. Berges (Darmstadt)   Non-thermal fixed points Abstract Slides
12:00   T. Gasenzer (Heidelberg)   Functional Renormalisation Group approach to Far-From-Equilibrium Quantum Field Dynamics Abstract Slides
12:30   O. Rosten (Dublin)   Invariants of the ERG Abstract Slides
13:00       Lunch
15:00   D. Mouhanna (Paris)   Nonperturbative renormalization group approach to frustrated magnets Abstract Slides
15:45   L. Canet (Grenoble)   Strong-coupling regime of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation Abstract Slides
16:15   K. Sengupta (Kolkatta)   Superfluid-Insulator transitions of bosons on a Kagome lattice at non-integer fillings Abstract Slides
16:45       Coffee break
17:25   N. Dupuis (Paris)   Non-perturbative renormalization group approach to superfluidity Abstract Slides
17:45   M. Tissier (Jussieu)   Critical phenomena in random field models and related disordered systems: a nonperturbative functional renormalization group approach II Slides
18:05   M. Weyrauch (Braunschweig)   Beyond the static approximation in the fermionic renormalization group Abstract Slides
18:25   U. Reinosa (Paris)   Renormalization and gauge symmetry of 2PI effective actions Abstract Slides
20:00       Poster Session
    B. Klein (München)   Scaling analysis of Phase transitions in Quantum Chromodynamics
    A. Eichhorn (Heidelberg)   Running coupling and effective potential Yang-Mills theory
    F. Marhauser (Heidelberg)   Confinement in Polyakov gauge
    Y. Meurice (Iowa)   Series expansions of the density of states in SU(2) lattice gauge theory Poster
    M. Scherer (Heidelberg)   Particle-hole fluctuations in the BEC-BCS crossover Abstract
    R. Schmidt (Heidelberg)   Trion formation in ultracold fermion gases Abstract
    D. Schuricht (Oxford)   Local density of states of 1D charge density wave states in the presence of an impurity Poster
    H. Sonoda (Kobe)   How to find the Wilson-Fisher fixed point using ERG perturbatively Poster
    F. Synatschke (Jena)   Flow Equations for supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
    S.-W. Tsai (Riverside)   Competing instabilities of fermion and boson-BEC mixtures on square and triangular optical lattices

Thursday, 03.07.2008

9:00   S. Kehrein (München)   Flow equations and nonequilibrium quantum many-body physics Abstract Slides
9:45   M. Pietroni (Padua)   Flowing Towards Cosmological Non-linearities Abstract Slides
10:15   R. Percacci (Sissa)   Wilsonian investigations into the UV properties of gravity Abstract Slides Roberto Percacci's asymptotic safety pages
11:00       Coffee break
11:30   I. Bakas (Patras)   Renormalization group equations and geometric flows Slides
12:15   D.F. Litim (Sussex)   Optimisation and the functional RG Abstract Slides
13:00       Lunch
15:00   Excursion   t.b.a.
19:00   End of excursion   t.b.a.

Friday, 04.07.2008

9:00   M. Birse (Manchester)   Functional RG for few-body systems Slides
9:45   S. Nagy (Debrecen)   Renormalization of the sine-Gordon model Abstract
10:15   S. Diehl (Innsbruck)   Towards precision in the BCS-BEC crossover in ultracold fermion systems Abstract Slides
11:00       Coffee break
11:30   N. Wschebor (Montevideo)   Precise NPRG calculation of critical exponents of the O(N) model Abstract Slides
12:15   J.-P. Blaizot (Saclay)   Correlation functions at finite momentum within the eRG Slides
12:45   A. Ipp (Heidelberg)   Finite temperature calculation beyond the local potential approximation Slides
13:05       Lunch
15:00   J.M. Pawlowski (Heidelberg)   Strong correlations in gauge theories Abstract Slides
15:45   H. Terao (Nara)   Conformal extension of the Higgs sector and the little hierarchy problem Abstract Slides
16:15   E. Itou (Osaka)   The BV Master Equation for the Gauge Wilson Action Abstract Slides
16:45       Coffee break
17:25   B. Klein (München)   Critical scaling behavior in the O(N) model in infinite and finite volume Abstract Slides
17:45   C. Karrasch (Göttingen)   A finite-frequency functional RG approach to the single impurity Anderson model Abstract Slides
18:05   S. Floerchinger (Heidelberg)   Functional renormalization for ultracold quantum gases Abstract Slides
18:25   T. Plehn (Edinburgh)   Signals for virtual gravitons at the LHC Slides

Saturday, 05.07.2008

9:00   A. Schwenk (Vancouver)   Nuclear forces and the renormalization group Slides
9:45   B.-J. Schaefer (Graz)   Exploring the QCD phase diagram with Functional RG Abstract Slides
10:15   J. Braun (Vancouver)   Towards Bridging the Gap Between Quarks and Gluons and Baryonic Degrees of Freedom Abstract Slides
11:00       Coffee break
11:30   M. Reuter (Mainz)   Background independence and asymptotic safety in Quantum Einstein Gravity Abstract Slides
12:00   F. Saueressig (Saclay)   RG flow of f(R)-gravity Slides
12:30   N. Tetradis (Athens)   Effective field theory with a variable ultraviolet cutoff Abstract Slides
13:00       Lunch
15:00   Y. Igarashi (Niigata)   Quantum Master Equation for Yang-Mills Theory in ERG Abstract Slides
15:45   H. Sonoda (Kobe)   Simple recipe for realization of symmetry using ERG Abstract Slides
16:15   Y. Meurice (Iowa)   Linear and Nonlinear Aspects of Finite Size Scaling Abstract Slides
16:45       Coffee break
17:25   A. Jüttner (Mainz)   High-accuracy scaling exponents in the local potential approximation Slides
17:45   C. Bervillier (Tours)   Analytic approximation schemes for solving exact renormalization group equations Abstract Slides
18:05   C. Wetterich (Heidelberg)   Unification from functional renormalization Slides
18:50       Closing remarks
20:00       Conference Dinner

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